Re-Elect John Chelminiak, Bellevue City Council, Position 3

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Endorsements and Ratings

2011   Rated OUTSTANDING by the Municipal League of King County

Organizational Endorsements 2011

City of Bellevue Firefighters IAFF 1604
Seattle King County Board of Realtors
Washington County Conservation Voters

Rental Housing Association

Affordable Housing Council

Cascade Bicycle Club

Move Bellevue Forward

Leadership Endorsements

Sam Reed ￿ Secretary of State

Terry Lukens ￿ Former Bellevue Mayor

Nan Campbell ￿ Former Bellevue Mayor

Chuck Mosher ￿ Former Bellevue Mayor
Iris Tocher ￿ Former Bellevue Councilmember
Margot Blacker ￿ Former Bellevue Councilmember

Dow Constantine ￿ King County Executive
Jane Hague - King County Councilmember

Ross Hunter ￿ State Representative

Fred Jarrett ￿ Deputy King County Executive
Louise Miller ￿ Former St. Representative
John Betrozoff ￿ Former St. Representative
John Marchione ￿Mayor of Redmond

Will Ibershoff ￿ Mayor of Duvall

Doreen Marchione ￿ Kirkland City Council

Lisa Jensen ￿ Newcastle City Council
Lloyd Hara - King County Assessor
Cindy Portman - Snohomish County Assessor
Paul Sanders - Former State Representative
Greg Taylor - Renton City Councilmember

Dave Kaplan ￿ Des Moines City Councilmember
Bruce Laing - Former King County Councilmember
Joshua Schaer ￿ Issaquah City Council
Stacy Goodman ￿ Issaquah City Council

Betsy Johnson ￿ Bellevue School Board

Paul Mills ￿ Bellevue School Board

Chris Marks ￿ Bellevue School Board


Elected Official of the Year 2011

Alliance of Eastside Agencies


2011 Bridges To Success Award

Chinese Information & Service Center

Endorsements or Contributors

Shelley Noble

Jan Nestler

Milton & Jane Barrett

Sherry Ladd

William & Allyn Rathman

Lisa Viereck

Sandra Boyd

Vicki Orrico (Former Planning Commissioner)

Sherri Yeatts

Jeffery Gow

Gary Young

Martin J. Durkan Jr.

Sylvia Simpson

Ann Lukens

Bryan Reil (LEOFF 1 Board)

Kathy George (Parks Board)

Ron Sher

Ed Oberg

Lynne Robinson (Parks Board)

David Schooler & Kristen Webb

Brigid Laing

Larry & Patsy Nehr

Peter & Carolyn Maxim (Former Parks Board)

Bob & Karen Gillespie

Dr. Porter & Janet Reed

Pat Sheffels (Planning Commission)

Dr. Michael Mulroy & Barbara Kimm

Sue & Bruce Baugh

Matt Lapine & Patty Allen (Former Parks Board)

Tom & Annalee Luhman

Jan Stout (Human Services Commission)

Keith Henrickson & Belinda Clark (Former Parks Board)

Stafford Miller

Bill & Helen Aron (Former Parks Board)

C. J. Chelminiak

Sandy & Kevin Heaslett

Former Sen. Phil Talmadge

Roxanne Shepherd (Arts Commission)

Phil & Brenda Greger

Julie Hockett

Al Close

Bill Ptacek (Arts Commission)

Stephanie & Randall Beighle (Human Services Commission)

John & Lisa Carlson (Planning Commission)

Mary Catherine Mead

Greg Johnson & Natanya Bednarski

Kathy Chelminiak

Helen Sanders

Ken & Lee Schiring (Former Planning Commission Chair)

Martin & Judith Paquette

Melinda Andrews

Brad Hellend

Ross McIvor

Sarah Langton

John Elsbree

Scott Rodgers

Roy & Jean McMurtrey

Steve Brown

Ross Jacobson

Sue Olsen

Richard Haelsig

Doug Hoople (Former Human Services Commissioner)

Doug Jones




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John Chelminiak - Family
John and family campaign at the Bellevue Fourth of July celebration.

The Seattle Times, Oct. 18, 2011
Chelminiak, Balducci and Stokes in Bellevue

￿Re-election of Councilmembers John Chelminiak and Claudia Balducci ensures consistent and stable leadership as Bellevue charts a smart growth course and continues with the light rail line linking Bellevue with Seattle, Mercer Island and Redmond.￿

￿Chelminiak￿s bid for a third term for Position 3 offers voters stability and an impressive track record balancing downtown development with the needs of Bellevue￿s neighborhoods.￿

Endorsements ￿ Continued

Keith Baldwin

Dave & Jeanne Elliott

Linda Bookey

Doug Mathews (Planning Comm.)

Mark Soine

Nancy Daly

Kim Cooney

Paul & Marge Boothe

Alison Sing

Sven Goldmanis

Cyrus Habib (Human Services Comm.)

Kathleen Warren

Michael & Judith White

Howard & Judy Johnson

Carole Muth & Robert Johnson

Liz & Monte Enbysk

Peter Marshall

Kevin & Sydney Paulich

Mike Nesteroff & Kim Viebrock

Howard Donkin (Former Arts Commssion)

Diana Thompson

Dick Haelsig

Crystal Donner

John Franklin

J. Tayloe Washburn

Keltie Wright

Dorothy Ling

Tom Tananka

John Hempelmann

Nat Franklin

Jack McCullough

Sue DeFlorio

Susan Winecke

Sarah Langton

Michael Talbott (Probation Board)

Jared Smith

Marcelle Lynde (Former Planning Commission)